Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Awareness of Holocaust

Did you ever hear anything about what happened--this was in 1944 that you were in the ghetto--did you ever hear anything about what went on in Poland?

We knew that...

Besides what your neighbor told you.

Yeah, we heard about what's was going on uh, in uh, Poland, but not with the Jewish people. We didn't hear about the, the Warsaw, uh...


ghetto or anything else, because we was cut off from the news. We didn't listen to a radio. Just when uh, mouth-to-mouth uh, news was going around. So we don't know if we believe it, we didn't believe this they could do it to the Jewish people.

What was the routine like in the ghetto?

In the ghetto it was uh, the routine. Yeah, one thing you know uh, the SS came and it was in the ghetto, the SS came and they said they need uh, three girls uh, to clean their houses. So from the ghetto we was uh, lucky to go, the uh, SS took us to their house.

Your family.

No, just two, me and my sister, uh. And we went to clean their house. We went there around eleven o'clock and came back four o'clock. So 'til we clean their houses. They was quiet. They didn't say too much uh, to us. Just, they was telling which room should be cleaned this way and that way. And they give us some uh, food. And came four, five o'clock they took us back to the ghetto. So we went out about uh, three weeks in a row to, uh...

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