Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Cigler - March 17, 1982

Encounters with Germans

Do you know that German's name? That Kommandant or what do you call the commander?

No, no. I could see his face, but I don't remember the name. They didn't tell no names and we didn't ask no names, because you was afraid to ask what's your name or something.

Um, did they come into the camp and make any orders or abuse any of the people? I mean, into the ghetto, did they abuse any people in the ghetto, the SS?

They uh, no, they didn't abuse uh, in the ghetto, I don't think. Most of them came, the Hungarian abuse. You know, I don't know uh, what kinda... This wasn't, it's over the policemen you know, they wear a hat and from the hat was uh, a feather. So I--we know already, when they coming, they--some Jewish people, men, most of the men were going to get beat up.

Just randomly beat them up.

Yeah, randomly.

With sticks?

Yeah, with sticks.

Did you ever see any of that?

Yes. I see a young uh, a young, a young boy about eighteen, nineteen years old, because they was telling him something and they didn't like how he answered it back. So he get a couple--they beat him up. Not too seve...


Yeah, they came, sometime they come toward them you know, they're always in a pair...

[interruption in interview]

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