Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Partisan Activities

Those are the things that I remember. Every time you told a story about doing something like that because when I was growing up we never heard those stories. We only heard about how everyone was helpless and just went, you know. So to hear you tell the other stories is very important. So that's probably what I remember more than anything.

That's uh, was a life. And they... The Germans give us a war, give a war for us and I don't remember how many miles. And then the Polish Underground, they want to catch us badly and they want arrange a meeting with us, with the four brothers, like we was four brothers in the woods. And one guy told us, his son was belonging to them, to that group. And that guy told, told us, they want to make you guys, don't go. I know that, you know, he, he wouldn't warn us, we wouldn't go. Or he warn us, they want to catch you badly, the Polish Underground, you know. We was... For them, they know we was all in trained in military, we was in the army, you know. And uh, you know, they are always ??? rifles and, and all kind of military tricks. And many times somebody did it and everything, we wasn't there at all. Still was going in our name. This and this, four brothers uh, was over here. This and this. One time, you know, when I was uh, already liberated and uh, in the, I was working in ??? used to go out and catch some, them guy... them people was working for the Germans. And then they went, we went, we went to catch them one time, and we went in a, one village, they ran away in uh, in the woods. And we went after them. And they was a group maybe about thirty-five people. And we was, we went after him. Then I saw, they, they gonna chop us up, one by one. And I said, and we was maybe about seven or eight, that's all. I said, was like a little hill in the middle. [interruption in interview]

Like a little hill in the middle, and was bushes. When I said to the guys not to go after him, because if you go after him, they're going to kill us, every one of us. Let's go around in a circle, they're going to think they saw it. They go around in a circle from that hill, they, they thought, and they thought it's a big bunch of us, they think. Then they run away. They have machine guns and everything, we don't have nothing. We have just rifles. And one guy, one time I remember we find out some people they have weapons. And one fellow was with us, he know the way how to come in down there. We left uh, like, this was wintertime in uh, in the day. We come down there about, about the evening, close to that place. And then we go in, in, in one place and uh, they have some rifles down there we want to take away from them.

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