Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Partisan Activities 2

Uh, we went in on the attic and then we make a hole in the roof. We jump out from the roof and then we kill him, that guard. He, he jumped, want to run away. Then we went in another, a little bit farther, maybe about ten kilometers from that place in the same night and the day is coming. We go in on a farm and we stay on the farm because we couldn't go any farther. It was far away from, from the woods. It was twelve of us. We had a machine gun too. And everyday it was quiet. Who comes in, in that farm we'll, don't let him go back, we stop him. Finally, the lady know that the Germans with the police down there, and they come a whole bunch. And three from our roof, was twelve of us, two from our group, they went it's already close uh, it's about three thirty, close to, to night. And finally that guard was uh, was on, on, standing on post, that guy said, "Germans. It's Germans." Everybody run out from the house and start to run. And I run out from the, the restroom, because we was all undressed and everything, you know. And I have a little sheepskin and on top uh, like a raincoat from a canvas, and it was uh, wet... it was hot. I couldn't put on that, that uh, sheepskin on, on my back, just start carrying with my hand. And then we're out on the field before dawn, take uh, cover and then we start to shoot back. Start to shoot back. Then uh, and they open on us fire. Oh, terrible. And they use... I mentioned before, there was one guy, Yitzak Mansky, he was uh, with a machine gun. And he stand up with that machine gun right to them. And I used to... I was starting to say, yelling, lay down, lay down. He lay down and they give, start to uh, cover with machine guns, with bullets all over. And uh, my... You stand up that machine gun, that... mine sheepskin, my coat and that uh, what uh, that canvas was hot from the water he was standing on that bullets, what he get that, that coat. He just jumping in the air. Two guys was wounded from us that time. And uh, like the way I heard, we killed some uh, Germans, police, how many I don't know. We killed some because they told us.

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