Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982


Okay um, is there anything else that you want to add to what you've talked about in case I haven't asked it?

Well, just as I tell you, it's pretty hard to remember for everything. Lots of times maybe something later comes up, I don't know. If something come up, I'll give you a call.

Absolutely, you can always do that.

Because we was closely, the war was starting from 1939 up to 1945 and uh, we went so much through, it's, it's not for to say for a few hours to go through everything that we went through. That's what I said I forgot, mostly I forgot. Everyday was a history from our life. Everyday. I remember was uh, uh, from the beginning was in, in the same group when we ran way from, from the ghetto was two brothers. One was a lawyer, one was a doctor, living together. He said, "When the war will be over, you'll be the biggest heroes in that continent," like that me and my brothers. Uh, you can't remember everything. Everyday, I'll tell you, it was a... Tell me you find out what I tell you, there's something impress you or not?

Oh, yes. When, when you talked about your friends dying and you cried and I, I could just feel what you went through together. And for them not to survive and for you to survive with the memory, that probably strikes me more than anything. The story, the stories that you tell of taking revenge, it makes me proud. It really does, to... It's hard to explain.

Yeah, one time when we ran away from, from the ghetto in the woods, me and my younger brother, we went, we went some water, we went a little lake and uh, we got a couple bottles to get some water. We went in to, by that, there was a stream down there to get some water. All of a sudden we hear some talking. And three men uh, then... I don't know how they call them in English, then where they got the, the woods, the forest.

Forest rangers?

Forest rangers, yeah. Forest rangers. They got the forest and when me, they saw me with him. I uh, run one direction, my brother run in the other direction and they run after us. And they have rifles, we have nothing. I have just a bottle, a empty bottle. And uh, then, then uh, I finally see uh, running, and they going to run, I jump somewhere in the bush and I hide. And I say if in case he come close, I'll attack him without nothing. Finally he don't show up. He was looking around, maybe he was afraid to, you know. Lots of things uh, we come in one time, we been... I was going with my friends, a few friends. And then uh, one guy when he... when they start to kill the Jews in Radun in ghetto, they, they run away. And then uh, when he standing he put on a armband, like a German armband, he used to grab the Jews and rob 'em, take away all... We get him. He... We teach him a lesson.

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