Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Partisan Story 2

And during the, when we was in, in the ghetto we was going to work on the highways and, and the woods and all over. We... Like myself I mostly used to go to work in the woods, me and my brother. And from the Judenrat used to give us uh, saws to cut some, chop off the logs. We got to make a note uh, like a pair, two people uh, take the material a day. And they give us uh, two hundred gram bread, and that's it. That's what... That was it. And I used to chop off with the, the saw, we used to make about ten cubic meter a day, me and my brother. And uh, we used to give 'em away, three cubic meter a day for the, for the Germans and seven cubic meter we used to keep it and give away to the... some Polish families. They used to give a note, supposed to make a note too. We used to give it to them, they give us food for that, see. Give that, like seven cubic meters give us some bread, meat, other, other things for to eat, food, that's the way it was going on. I'm trying to remember everything.

Oh, you're doing fine. You're telling the stories as you remember them. And those are the ones that are going to be the most important to you.

Important. Everything is important. Uh, everyday is its own history. I remember one time we run away from, from the Germans. Run away. I used to stay all day uh, riding, was going. And uh, the sum... summertime, the day is long and the sun is so hot and a little bit of water. This way you couldn't go out to discover in yourself because you're afraid to, to get killed. Wait for the night. The night like this, they used to call, "the night is our mother."

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