Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982


And then one time like in the partisans, they discover some spies and they start the... to pick it out spies and shoot. Then when they discover them spies, they show up other spies not to run away.

What did they do to the spies?



Immediately. No, no such a thing as jail. Spies, if you can't explain the right way with the piece, you're, you're spying. Not ???

On the spot?

On the spot.

Were you ever surprised by who they discovered to be a spy?

Well some, yes. Not uh, not for ev... Some were suspicious, were suspicious of some, but some we were surprised. Very surprised.

What would make you suspicious about someone?

Well, did, did... The way they helped, and we have uh, like uh, in the partisans a person what is questioning you and you know lots of things about uh, the Russian army and everything, lots of things you know. And, and what kind of parts of army. And they would mostly was asking what kind of army, what kind of partisan, what kind of... And each don't match, one word. That's it. It's finished. One time a couple guys come in and they was talking Russian, they say they been uh, uh, Russian prisoners but by German, by the Germans. They run away from down there, from Königsberg, somewhere. And uh, he said a couple words in Polish and for a Russian it's pretty hard to say that in Polish. That was the e... the end of it. They took him away and they shot him right away, right on the spot.

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