Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Partisan Story

Oh, another, oh yeah, another thing. One time we been in a place and was a, a group, a couple, a, a few girls. And then they co... they come the AK, the Polish army what they called it that time, AK Polish Armia. And they catch the girls and they shot one girl and they hit her with a bullet in mouth, the chin was aiming down and uh, the teeth was knocked out. And then, and she pretend she's dead. And then they ran away. She, she got up and she don't know where to go. And uh, she... Finally she come to, to the group where she was, just to somebody down there. Then they let us know. We went uh, we pick her up and brought her in our place. And where we was like just dig out a big hole in the, in the ground, put up some logs and cover up with dirt right in our place. Then we sent two uh, men to the town and he give, we give her uh, what we want. Uh, what can--it's not a prescription--told 'em to give us this and this. And they know, like the, the druggist. They got to give it to us. If not, we'll get uh, even with him someday. He give it to us. I don't remember if we pay him or if we don't pay him. I couldn't... I think we used to pay them. And uh, then finally we start to heal, to with that kind of fluid. I don't know what you call it, some kind of yellow powder you got to rinse it with water uh, mix with water and rinse it with this. And little by little the bones start to come out. And I said, well, she got healed up. She, she survived. She's... I think she's in Baltimore. She got married. I think her husband died, I think she got some children, I don't know. I never been in touch with her. I know she's in Baltimore. Reminding things what happened, it's not one day. Every day it's a new story.

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