Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982


I tell you another thing from the partisans now. That, that, that thing that I'll never forget, that taste. Uh, one time like in fall, I think uh, we, we went to get some uh, clothing for people, they used to be in boots, with families, like two families. We used to take away from people ??? and give it to them. And uh, we, we took a couple sheep, we killed them, and we carried the meat to eat. And I get tired. And it was in fall, it was lots of water out from the little river, probably maybe for two kilometers or maybe more and we was walking through the water. And I got tired. Then we come into the woods and we make a little fire uh, fire and then we get dried out. And I laid down on the ground, on the ground--I think it was in December--and the ground was uh, already cold and I catch a cold. Then was one uh, big uh, outfit. They call, used to call them General ??? By outfit. And he was far away. He used to go like in that same woods where we, we used to be. Then finally I feel I'm sick. I'm sick and they used, they, when they was going like closer to us, they destroy all the guns and so on, the German ??? did some kind of post. They used to be ten, twenty, or fifty and they destroy them. And they cut for kilometers the telephone line. The posts was uh, on uh, posts was on top of the telephones. They cut them to destroy the communication. And uh, then the Germans come with a big uh, power and they, they attack him. They attack him. Then at that time I get sicker. They start the effort going all out, artillery, the partisans. And uh, and they destroy them completely. And uh, and I get sick and I so sick, I got something in my ears. The only medicine what that time you can do, uh, my wife--at that time we wasn't married--used to warm up sand in a sack, warm up sand by the fire, put it in a sack and put into my ears. And then one time a fellow come in and he said, "I got something for him." Like for me, for, for Abraham. What he got, he got a little bit of sugar and... 'Course I used to drink mostly uh, boiled water. And then they give me that boiled water with a little bit of sugar. I'll never forget that taste. That taste is still in... on my lips the way it tasted so good, that little water with sugar. Lots of things was we went through. It's, it's hard to remember. I think, I can't, I couldn't remember now.

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