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Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Religious Holidays

...you mean to say like Rosh Hashanah, Pesach?


Everybody, naturally, still... I got another thing to tell you. Everybody celebrating the holidays. It was holiday, it was holy, the date was holy. Nobody do anything, get dressed, go to shul. And to keep up holidays, nobody uh, naturally we don't have any phones. Uh, we don't do anything. And going three times a day in shul to daven like to keep up mostly all day. And like Pesach, they keep up, uh... They used, we used to make most of the time ourselves matzahs. We used to do uh, everybody was doing the dishes to wash, to what he can do on best he was doing. And the women was uh, making the matzahs and I was making them holes in the matzahs. And my brother was uh, baking the matzahs.

How do you make the holes in the matzahs?

They got a little uh, tiny wheel with uh, teeth all around. Like, something like they cut the pizza.


And they got some little holes and then they got a, a roller. And you go over that by and that's the way they making the holes. And uh, we used to make matzahs... lots of matzahs. Uh, not like over here they bake about ten pounds of matzahs, that's enough. They used to make maybe fifty kilo matzahs on Pesach. Everything we used to make from matzahs. Like uh, like uh, Yom Kippur to ??? they take out the chicken and ??? then kill the chicken. Then like Pesach they used to burn the hometz, take a wad and dig out a hole and burn with everything the hometz ??? the hometz. Lots of things we didn't use over here. They, they... It's nothing like uh, like at home.

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