Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Partisan Missions 3

Was uh, when they liquidated Radun ghetto, was by the name one fellow ??? He was a blacksmith. When he was wounded bad, when he come to me as a friend and he was wounded and he run away from, from the ghetto. When he was laying down there and he had some money uh, in gold. And he was paying 'em for everything, the water or something like that, with gold. And when the gold come out then he brought the Germans and they kill him. And it, it took away the, all the money. And uh, we decided to go get revenge on that, on that uh, family. It's me and my brothers and uh, some other fellows. We went to his farm down there. We surrounded the farm. They went, walk in. And we decided if we find the whole family, we'll kill them, the whole family. If we don't find the whole family, we're not going to kill 'em. We just... Because if we'll kill someone from the family and, and somebody left, they're going to take revenge on the uh, Jewish down there what the underground in the woods and everything. Then uh, we don't find the older boy in the house. We took any kind uh, uh, precautions to get ??? you know, to, to beat 'em up... [interruption in interview]

...and when we took away lots of things and he was uh, suffering from the beating and everything for a long time. Then uh, when I come out that was the fellow, the fellow. And I say, "I'm in a bad situation like now, you know." Then uh, I said, "What you want to do? You want to come into me to that uh, uh, ??? what it used to be at that time to tell 'em the story?" He said, "Yeah, okay." I said, "You want to tell 'em or I tell 'em?" He said, "You tell 'em." "Okay, I'll tell 'em." And I told 'em the way it was. I said, "That's what happened with that ??? Everything ??? a drink of water, he was taken uh, paid by gold and everything. When the gold uh, run out then he brought the police and uh, he killed him. And we come to get the gold from him, the money. And we take any precautions what we can." Naturally, he understand what I, what I meant, what I meant. Any precautions what I can and I said, "Here is uh, you spend somewhere." Then the chief of that uh, from that part, he said to him, "Who was that ???" He said he was a citizen of Radun, a blacksmith. And he was working in the ??? The ??? is like uh, what you call uh, collective uh, tradesmen like, you know. Collective tradesmen. And when he, when he, when he get wounded he went to you. He said, "Wasn't any doctors." And that same police, that chief of the part... said the same doctors what was that time they're right now here too. This and this. And, anyway, finally, I went, I got ??? and I went ??? We supply all the partisans with food, with clothing. And we took it from that kind of people what, like he does. Finally I got rid of him. And what happened with them, I, I don't know. They release him too, or he got a real good lesson that time.

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