Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Police Appointment

Then uh, when the Russians come in, then everybody some, we got uh, appointed to work uh, like uh, police. And some get mobilized to the army from our partisans. And I get appointed in the police in the little town of Orany. Of Orany, in that place when I was working from, when I was working when the Germans come in, when I asked, asked for the drink of water, that time that lady was giving to me, and she was taking me a drink of water. Then I decided to go to her and find out. I come, I come in. And that's all, I was different dressed. I was dressed in a, a Russian uniform. And I come in, I said hello. She said ??? hello. And she said to me, I talked to you, talked to you and I see she don't recognize me. And I said to her, "Do you recognize me?" She look at me. "No." Then I said to her, "Don't you remember me?" Are you this and this, are you this and this, are you this and this. She said, "No." "Think," I said to her. She recognized me. She couldn't recognize me. Then I told her. "Do you remember that and that time I was by you?" She start to kiss me. She start to kiss me because her son was that time had been taken away uh, some kind of work by the Russian and she was waiting for her son. And that time I met her son too. And she said that time, "I hear that time when you left on the bridge they kill a person, they was telling me that you been killed, you been shot on that bridge, you, you been shot." I said, "Where you been?" I said, "I been all the time in the woods in, in the partisans. And now, I'm," said, "I'm free and I come to see you. And I'm appointed to work over here." Oh, she was so happy. Then I was working for the, for the police uh, unit and uh, I want to go out of this.

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