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Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Partisan Missions 2

Finally we, some, when we got liberated, I couldn't accomplish that mission--oh yeah. I was going from, then I was Eišiškes, then I was going to Radun to go to that place where I have to go to that secretary, to get her. On the way, I met a fellow with a wagon and I ask him for a ride. And he saw me. I'm with a rifle, with a pistol. And he saw me, I'm walking. And then he gave me that ride. And I sitting... He's sitting in the front and I'm sitting in the back. And he's telling me the whole story of where he was fighting. He was in the Polish AK. When he was telling me all the story, he thought that I'm Polish, I speaked in Polish. When he told me the story he was fighting in Vilna, and they wanted to liberate Vilna then the Russian come in, they, the sound them, all them, that's, everything. And he was going home to a place not far from Lida. And when they came close to Radun he got to go to the left and I got to go to Radun. He said, "I'm going there." I said, "No, no." I said, "You're going there, to Radun. You're, you're, you're going there." He says, "No, I have to go over here. This, this is my way to go." "No, no," I said, "you got to go over here where I wanted to go." "Oh," he said, "you're from them." Finally I get him to that uh, commandant uh, post down there. And I told the story, all about them, what it, what it is. And they search him and they find some grenades, ammunition. Some letter he uh, he robbed at the Vilna somewhere. What happened with him I don't know because I give it to them. On my way out, standing one civilian, civilian and he said to me, "Comrade, when you going to give me back my things what you took away from me?" [interruption in interview]

"When I come out from down there, when you give me back my, my things what you took from me." What happened when, by that ??? what I mentioned before, was uh, people was living down there and was uh, naturally was begging for food uh, Jewish people down, down there.

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