Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

An Execution

Anyway, then uh, then with the people, then we come back. When we come back down there uh, from that time, then we found out some bad news. Was a Jewish group it was linked together in our area. It was, they call him Elke the Partisan. That Elke... uh, used to Elke ??? his second name was. That Elke used to take in all the people who come from the ghetto and he give 'em shelter right from the beginning to help 'em out, in the beginning. He was a very fine fellow and an awful lot of help for, for people. Oh, he, he don't belong to the Otriad, to the, to the, to the group what was going under, just he was going for food. And they accuse him for, for robbing people, for taking some uh, woman's socks or brassieres or something like that. And of course he used to have lots of girls with him because they run away from ghetto. And then uh, when we was on that mission to going to ??? and they sentence him to death for robbing people. And who was sentence him to death, that party what used to belong to the party, that uh, the communist party. Because they want to get a, a Jewish victim, plain. And they took him out, down there they took some things, and they shot him down there. Was one man, they called him ??? partisan. He's in New York. I met him. He was uh, killing out the execution. How they was killing out because I don't know that time, maybe when it would be that time in the place in that camp, maybe it would be difference because one group of us were, was popular, was went in that Bialystok uh, that uh, Nalibotskya Pustshe. And the other group, my brother went to Vilna in ghetto to take 'em out some people, from ghetto. My older brother with uh, some people.

How many did he uh, get out? Do you know?

Oh, they out, they tooked out uh, I think about seventeen people. And then they got ambushed on the raid and lots of them got killed from the Lithuanian. Not too many survived from that group. Oh, still when, it would be there, it would make a difference with that Elke because first of all that uh, leader ours wasn't against them. And that uh, political leader what the communist party uh, appointed was a Polish guy, he was anti-Semitic and he want to bring some Jewish casualties always.

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