Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Reuniting with a Partisan

When I come over here one time ??? Two stories, and one story...


...uh, was a, a Hanukah party, a latke party in Detroit. And I... Used to be an aunt of mine who live, live over here, said, hey let's go to the, to the latke party in Detroit ??? Society. Okay, I went down there. And I uh, met some people. And they introduced me to, to one ??? Okay, and I, and that face, it's a familiar face. I ask him, "Where are you from?" He said, "From Vasirishuk." I say, "I never been inside Vasirishuk, I was going around in uh, that time by the..." And I said, "You so familiar to me, I don't know. I saw you somewhere." Then uh, then I said, "Are you living long in Vasirishuk?" "No, I'm born in Idia, that's a, in another town a little bit farther and I was married in Vasirishuk." I said, "Where you been uh," I said, "during the time, the, the wartime," I said. He said to me, "I was in Bielski ??? in Bielski's partisans." Then I told him the story what happened with the Bielski's partisans when they was going from this and this place for like, from ??? on, on the Nieman when it was uh, ambushed, the Bielski ??? and we grabbed some boats and we took 'em on the other side. He said, "I was down there!" And then, he recognized me too that time, and said, "I was not, I remember you now, you." So, I was down there. He lives in--I don't know if he's still alive or not--he lives in uh, Detroit. His name... I forgot his name.

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