Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Polish Underground

Then in 1943, by the end, they disarm us, the Russian. I still, they give me a rifle for two, because we was uh, on... We, we was uh, they didn't uh, where they moved they gave us a couple of rifles. We went down there and we make a place in, like a little is... like a island was and down there was a higher place and we dig out some kind of cave. And we been down there. And it was winter and cold winter down there. And then one time there in the morning, some peoples around the island, around that place where it was all weapons, it was on top a... We went to investigate, we saw the whole ??? before, with the leaders with everything. He was uh, staying the day right beside us and they don't know we down there. And with us was one Polish fellow by the name uh, ??? with us. And we, on that time was organized the Polish Underground, they call 'em AK. Did you hear about them? The AK, that means the Armia. In Polish it's the Armia Krajowa that uh, from, from the land. Like in, short means AK ??? And one time he disappear, that Polish guy. He disappeared and we don't hear for three days, four days. And then he come back. We asked him where he been. He said, "I got caught by the AK." "And how you, how you get away?" "I find a way. I run away." Well, we get suspicious. One time we got uh, some kind of argument with him. And he said, "I'll, I'll make you guys will all--excuse me--gonna shit with blood." Fine. We keep an eye on him. One time we see him walking away, walking away. We pretend, me and my brother, we're going for some firewood, took a, saw. And I see the way he's walking, he's uh, he's covering his, uh--how do you call this?--the, the, the street, the, the feet, the, the tracks, he was covering the tracks all. Finally we pretend we incidentally to meet him. We come back in that cave and now that the thing was made up to get out of it. Finally one by the name of ??? his name is now Sol Sloan. He lives in Cleveland. And he start to tell the story the way he got married and everything and he come from ??? Got a pistol right in the head and that's it. And that was the end of uh, ??? Then one guy fired the shot. And the next day we don't have any lights, just uh, candlelight. The light went out and when they, they saw it, after one Jewish girl was so close to him, she start to scream. Said, quiet, that's the way it's supposed to be, and that's it. And that's the end. That's the way it's supposed to be. That, we all got suffered for him, but we get rid of him. In that time where the, all the partisans was around that uh, little island down there what we... I saw where they got the, the bunker. Then finally we went to them and they come over to us. They come over to us and that leader was our friends, you know, right from the beginning. And that we lived uh, close to three years. That uh, lots of things what I miss, then I remember always uh, everything. And uh, he asked me where's that ??? I said, "He went for a mission." He said, "You better be careful with him, watch out with him because the Polish is working against us." "Oh he's, he's honest, I know, he's honest." Anyway, finally we find out. We get rid of him. He said, "Good work."

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