Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Germans 2

And, uh... Stop for a while, let me think. And then was uh, one, one summer, they come from around Lida a few Jewish, maybe about seven or eight people from uh, around Lida from that ghettos and, and they heard there some partisans in our area. They come over. And uh, and we, we been with them together. Oh yeah, when we kill them uh, few Germans and the rest run away, then uh, they organized two villages to go ahead to get us the partisans from, from the woods. To go out. The, the villages was uh, uh, going in the front, the, the people and they was going behind them to, to catch us. Finally they, they uh, they come over and they uh, they, they, they hear some screaming or yelling and we left already from that place. Move away, when we killed the Germans move away we went back to Natsher Pustshe from that Third Reich. One guy, a Yiddish uh, a Jewish boy was somewhere by himself when he's supposed to come back in that area. When he come back by himself with a horse and sled and he saw lots of people and he thought, what's going on over here. He asked the people. They said, "The Germans all, all over. They run away, uh, they, they come, they killed some Germans yesterday or before yesterday. And uh, they're going to catch the partisans." He, he heard that thing, that man, he turn around by, by the name ??? he's in France now. He, he run away with the Russian sled and we went, well, yeah, imagine where you can meet us. And when the population saw a thing, he say, they went to the Germans and said, the Germans uh, the, the partisans, uh--how do you call, uh, uh--I don't know, I don't know how to say in English, uh. Like you send out a, some military men to find out what's going on. I uh, I don't know.


Not, not a spy uh, uh... In Yiddish I know how to say it.

Say it in Yiddish and then some way...

Uh, and in, and in Pol... in Russian a ??? It means ??? uh, uh, partisans ??? how they call them. I don't know how you call 'em in English. And uh, of course one man, they... Then the Germans get scared and they turn around and they went back.

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