Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Working with the Russians

And we come that time in ??? in that, in that woods. We established down there, we were staying down there un... under the open and for short, for few weeks. And then we lived down there. Then they hear about us, about our work in uh, in Russia, because they used to have informers, everything. Hear about us, us in Russia and then they sen... send out from farther, from the underground a few people to get organized all the people to fight against the Germans. More organized. To get in touch with Moscow. By that time we was doing everything on our own. And that was uh, by the name An... An... uh, Tony, Tony ??? was a, a lieutenant. His rank was a lieutenant. And he said to bring 'em to, to organize down, down there. He's organize himself. He make himself big. He get uh, the commander and he start to organize for, for himself a group. Lots of things get forgotten. And uh, then we get in touch with Moscow and they told us what to do mostly. And give us instructions to ambush the Germans or police and mostly uh, blow up bridges and blow up railroad trains. And they supply a little bit by air with uh, some kind of equipment for that uh, operation. I know I missed lots of things uh, it's very hard to remember.

Oh, don't, don't worry. Whatever you remember is fine.

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