Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982


And then in 1942 May, I think--not, not May uh, uh, February--the tenth they was, uh... Now I'll come to something else. Was one fellow uh, by the name of Butchko uh, a Polish. And he was our uh, uh, like you say, to give us any kind of information, like informer, like informer. Information to, to us. And that Butchko's brother get killed by the Germans and his father was killed by the Germans. And then he used to come and inform us. Then one time, one day the Germans grab him, "Tell us where the partisans are." He didn't really know where we are. When he denied it, "Do you, do you have a contact with us?" "Yes," he said, "Yes, I have a contact with us." Where they are exactly he don't know. They handcuff him and said, "Show me where they are. Show us," the Germans. Uh, he said, "Okay, I'll lead you. Exactly where they are, I don't know. Just where we used to meet in the woods, in that, in that place I can meet you uh, lead you down there. And then when you come down there, you'll, you'll give a couple shots and they'll come over." That's what happened. He brought them one place, not far from down there, maybe about half a kilometer. And then we hear a couple shots. We went to investigate. Investigate, we saw the Germans. We, we saw Germans. By that time he used that moment, he, he escape and we kill, I think, four of them. We killed four of them. Oh. Everything comes, uh... We, we killed four of them, we took the, the boots and the weapon, everything what we can get from them. And they kill one man ours too by that time.

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