Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Partisan Work

In 1943 uh, is... We been--no, yeah, it's in '43 in spring--oh boy... It's hard to remember all together.

You're doing fine.


You're doing fine. It doesn't matter if it comes out in pieces. It doesn't matter.

In 1943 we been in, in uh, called uh, place Stayes, that's a little uh, village. And they called the, the, the woods Stayes Woods, Stayeswelp. No, no, no. Let me think for a while, to get to it in order a little bit. Yeah, Stayeswelp. And then when they killed in Grodno, the people, some people from Grodno they come to us. They say they try a few times and they been in our place, they never met anybody from the partisans. What was our work in the partisans mostly? We don't have any agreement for that. We used to go and blow up uh, railroad tracks, trains, what's going to the front. But that's the most im... not open up, uh, open uh, fight with the Germans because they can give help, and we, and we cou... they can get help and we couldn't. And we don't have enough ammunition to fight with them. To just ambush them or something like that. And uh, we used... And then the, the run of people that come in and some have a few pistols uh, they, they, that group.

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