Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Electing a New Leader

Finally we got uh, appointed or elected or somehow uh, a leader for us. They made a conference. This is, this is an interesting thing because I never hear, that's Russian tactic. They go to the... for the conference to elect a leader. They came to that Russian group, where there was about between twenty-seven or thirty people, something like that. And our both groups, both Jewish groups was something uh, more than that. I think over thirty. And we both... And that conference we know every one of them where they killed that leader, and was some tough guys. Every one what was going to the conference was sitting beside the one. Uh, I'll give you a example, Alma pointed to you and I'm sitting with my gun in my pocket. With my own gun in my pocket and ??? poor guy was sitting beside him when that conference was going on and, and every one got a, a mission, 'cause, too. If everything goes well, we're going to elect a new leader, it's okay. If something goes wrong is in one minute they're all dead. That's Russian tactic, no? And I was sitting with a guy and I was talking with him. The conference was going on, talking about any kind of things, you know, and uh, and the other guys, my friends or my buddies and my brothers was talking with other guys and someone was... two of us sitting with one ??? If somebody failed. Everything, everything worked out on our side. There was no bloodshed. Or if something goes wrong, in one minute we'll all be dead. I mean, I never think about the, that kind of thing to, to organize like that. Finally, they appoint our leader who was before his assistant.

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