Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Communist Party

Finally, they... the communist party start to, to organized, they want to make some leaders up to, to the, the parti... to bring the partisans, for the partisans' leaders. And they include me too, to teach me like for a leader. I not was interested ??? and they include me too. And, and I was watching all the time my step. Always, I was going the last one. One day, and he was riding a big every day. And that Russians--what he brought by himself a group of Russians--maybe about thirty-two people, they got better equipped uh, in rifles and everything. And they want--when he was riding, they was raping and everything, and robbing people and beating up people. And this not according to communist party. This is according... They knew everything about him and they wanted to--after when, when they get liberated, they not want it to that uh, daybook to, to read by the Russian uh, government. Finally they call him for some kind of conference or something like that, that group. And when he was walking down there, they pump him in three bullets and they kill him without a reason. Excuse me a moment.


Then, then they killed him and we, we find out we don't have a leader anymore. Just his assistants and they want to take over, the Russian group want to take over the leadership.

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