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Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Partisan Ambush

Finally, that, and we start to look for some kind of weapon to get uh, rifles uh, pistols, any kind what we can get. We, we, we have lots of police, what they know us, and we talk to them, oh yeah, we'll give it to you. They promised us a lot. We was working, working. We never get it from them. We never get it from, from them nothing, no. Finally, we bought a, a gun. A fellow and brought us another gun for money, for, for food, for something. Anyway, doesn't make too much difference. Then that uh, chief of police, he was afraid to be. He said, like, we start to work like a little bit in partisans. There was a group already from a few people, maybe about twelve that time was good with rifles. Said to uh, ambush him when he is going uh, in this and this place. They talk over, make exactly the same uh, places to, to ambush him and take him away. And his wife is going to get paid from the Germans, you know. We gonna get paid. We am... we make a ambush not far--that was in 1942--not far from the, the town of Radun. And that and that place we was waiting for him, the, the sun is start to go down. Finally we saw it. The wagons with horses, they're coming and we open up fire on them. We open up fire and then to take away that commandant, that uh, in the woods, and, and bring him in. And this wasn't the Ge... The, this wasn't them, this was Germans. They kill our leader and we killed them Obermeister. And to get mixed up one with the other one, the shooting started, the shooting started, took maybe about a few minutes and then it got quiet. And I know we were laying in the ditches by the road. Over here was a friend of mine, his name was uh, ??? Do you speak Yiddish?


Some. His name...

Just a little.

??? Just a little. His name was ??? no? And another one, and one is uh, living now in uh, in States. He's a cousin, ??? That's what we used to call him. And we go in with the rifles and we was looking in the ditches and I say ??? And a, and a, with another guy, ??? And the other, from the ditch, I know he's supposed to be there on that... Uh, a German down there. "Schutzmann, Schutzmann!" This means policeman, "Schutzmann." And we run. One way, the other, the other one run the other way, without experience, you know. Everyone was ru... He, he run away and we run away because we get mixed up one with the other one. [interruption in interview]

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