Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Organizing the Underground

Finally, we, we run away and they... We couldn't get him out that, our friend and he was laying around the way we hear for three or four days down there and then it start to smell. He's a very fine boy, was fully Lithuanian, from Mendel. He was uh, I met him in the ghetto, we was working together in the bush with him when he was alive. His name was ??? Then we start to organize ourself. You see, we're sitting down there without rifles. We got to get some more rifles and organize some kind of defense. Somebody was with us and somebody was against us. It was... We were four brothers and we was the leaders in that area to organize and lots of friends, you know. Uh, start to get organized. Then, well we met some other people and we hear in one place, far away... Oh, yeah. Then one time we live bigger groups and they split in smaller groups. Some went uh, but we live not far from, one from the other one. Then we hear in the morning shoot... shooting and then screaming about, maybe about two kilometer in the woods or you can hear far away and we heard screaming. Then some people they run away from, from that screaming place. After it get quiet. It's me and my brothers and some other friends. We went down there, we know where they been. We saw they all killed. A group, maybe, I think, I don't remember exactly, and I think about twelve people was living down there. A mother and two daughters was killed more, more. Then uh, and they buried in, in a little bit of mud they dig out a, a grave and we put them... We buried them. And then we start to look for some valuable things, maybe they have, to find some valuable things we took away maybe. After the battle, some weapon what the valuable things, golden watches or jewelry or something like that. Because it's not valuable to them anymore. And then one boy run away when he find a group, was hiding from the Russian army. Was, I think, five men and they survived one winter down there. And there was Russian officers on, in it was in there. And uh, they saw, we was doing some little work like uh, attacking um, uh, police or something like that. Uh, ambushing like uh, not exactly attacking, ambushing. Because we don't have so much uh, rifles and this.

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