Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Police Contact

When he come to us, and when we saw that man, I get scared for him. Because when we was working in the woods for the, for the government, for doing some work for the woods, was one man they send it in and he was speaking perfectly German, perfect Polish. And we don't know if he's Polish, a Pole or a German. And we was afraid, always afraid he's some kind of, like a mean man, we don't know, he's tall, he was high, blonde. Then he was our contact. I was afraid early, I was afraid, my brothers was afraid. Finally we start to talk one time with him and talk. And one time he come to us and he was sitting and talking, and he want to go home in a village not far from down there. And really we don't trust him. And his name was Antony ??? His name. One time he said he's a... he's afraid to go home to take him uh, take him uh, walk with him home. It was maybe about a few kilometers. And me and my brother, we took him to the place where we got there he's supposed to go home where he used to live. That our contact. When we come close, not far from the home, was some kind of woods, uh, broken trees and everything. He stopped, said, "Germans." Start to, start to look. "Antony," we said, "Where's the Germans?" "Right there." "I don't see any Germans." And my brother, we stand and looking all over, it's getting dark already. We couldn't see any Germans. Finally, he showed us. Finally, a, a little bit later we find out the Germans took him away and he disappeared. After, we find out he was Jewish. We find out. His name was Arnold Rosenthal. And he don't admit to us he was Jewish. They find out maybe and they--Germans took him away and he was Jewish, and we was afraid for him all the time. And he, and he's, he's... From where he was from, I don't know, you know, and his name was Arnold Rosenthal, we find out after. And we been with that contact.

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