Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Asner - October 10, 1982

Hiding in the Woods

Now I'll come back to the, to the underground. When we started to... When, when we run away from the beginning was a, a couple girls from that town Nacha, little town. And they, you know, the chief of police was a Polish sergeant. He was chief of police and they know him exactly uh, he used to be uh, ??? He said to them girls, "Find a place to hide." Everybody thought just this is for a matter of time for a few months, then I think the Russian will come back or something. That was the way the, at that time uh, uh, everybody was feeling like that. And you hide for, for a while, then you'll survive. And then that young girls, they come to our, to me and my brothers and say we know exactly the, all the area and the, the places to make some kind of hiding in the woods. And we took out the uh, we went out from the ghetto. We went out from the ghetto. We took some uh, over twenty people. We dig out a big hole in the ground, in the woods down there where they know. And uh, and was living for a while like this and that chief of police send us uh, like I say, a contact. Said through, through him he'll be the contact.

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