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Emanuel Tanay - March 16, 1987


Although he was born in Vilna in 1928, Dr. Emanuel Tanay spent the pre-war years in Miechow, a small community south of Krakow, Poland. During the occupation, his family lived in the Miechow ghetto until Tanay, his mother and sister escaped just before it was liquidated. His father did not escape and was later executed by Amon Goeth. Tanay spent part of the war living in a monastery "hidden" as a novice and "converted Jew." He later used false Aryan papers as he moved around Poland and Hungary.

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  1. Pre-War Life and Family
  2. Death of Father
  3. Hiding in Monastery
  4. Religious Life
  5. Outbreak of War
  6. German Occupation
  7. Formation of Ghetto in Miechow
  8. Conditions in Ghetto
  9. Separation of Family
  10. Monastery in Maciejowa
  11. Denounced as Jewish
  12. Escape from Monastery
  13. Contact with Family
  14. Reflections on Experience
  15. Reminders
  16. Hungary
  17. Sighet
  18. Liberation
  19. Post-War Situation
  20. Experience as a Survivor

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