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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983


You have how many children from your first husband?

Yeah we got children. We got two bo...three boys. One boy is in Chicago is by the computer, is were before very religion and now can not make a living so he sit in the Yeshiva and the mother-in-law--my son's mother-in-law lived in Chicago and make him move to Chicago and she's working someplace by the computers--is not a special computer--is working. He got five kids. One son in Columbia, Ohio is a doctor.


The oth...oh this kills me--one son is here, he crazy. He maked me so much trouble. He lay down in bed, he not go out no places--little boy. I make clean the house, maked the little house he stay with father in the kitchen and he the father's son--he won't say nothing to him.

This is, this your second husband's son.

Second husband's son.

What about your children?

My chil...oh. My son--I got my son is were seventeen year old. He, he, he take--he wanna take a motorcycle, wanna make a ride to New York with boyf...with friends, with friends. He got an accident with motorcycle, got an accident with motorcycle is went hospital, he got something broke--the ribs, something. Seventeen year old. He went in hospital, he passed away.

That's your son.

My son.


Later on, when my son dead and a year later my husband start to be sick from our son ???. And then he went, he went sick, very sick. He got heart trouble and he passed away. Got three times heart trouble, three heart attacks and he passed away. Then I went a widow about three years, alone by myself and later on I got married with this man and I have been not too happy. So...

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