Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eugene Feldman - July 15, 1991

Receiving Help

Now this woman who was, who was helping you out...


how did she get in touch with you or how did your father contact her?

We used to go there every so often. Probably every two, three nights.

So, again, this was somebody that he knew from before.

Go to her house, at night.

Somebody he knew from before.

She was our contact or whatever. She was--looks like fi...a good woman. She was a good lady. Obviously she didn't, she didn't turn us in.

And she was helping.

She was helping us. I mean, she didn't do anything special for us. But she was a contact and she didn't turn us in. Anytime you can find anybody in that area that does not turn you in, that is fine.

And she, she brought you a doctor, a dentist.

I don't know where she, I don't remember where she found them.

But she brought them to the shack.

She didn't bring them to the shack. My dad or my uncle proba...went there and she asked him if they--if we can take 'em because she doesn't know what to do with 'em you know. Because if they gonna, she--if they go, they'll be caught. No question about it. They are city folk is what you call 'em. They don't know where to go, what to do.

How many of them...

We survived because we could survive on anything.

Did they survive as well? The other four people?

They survived, yeah. They survived.

I meant to ask you...

But they almost killed us with that...

Because of the one...

making the track.

You had an uncle, two uncles who were staying with you. Is that right?

You mean in the, in the, in the woods?

In the woods.

Just one. The other was die, one was dead.

Stayed in Stolin and was killed.

He was killed. The other one, Osher's father that died with the partisans, he wasn't with us. I don't know where he was. I just don't know where he was. I know we run into him when he was in the partisans or anything. Because he didn't go back to the ghetto. He stayed somewhere else. So we didn't know where he was.

Did you leave any family in the ghetto? I mean your sisters, of course, but anybody else?

Well my uncles and, and aunts.

Other uncles and aunts...

Yeah, oh yeah.

not just the one.

I have only aunt left, in Argentina. But she was not a survivor. She was a, she left before the war. From all the aunts...

D...do you remember any close calls when, besides this one time when they almost caught you.

Well, the, just those two calls. The, the, the, my school friends that were within a hu...and the Germans. That's it. Only two close calls we had.

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