Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eugene Feldman - July 15, 1991

Ghetto in Stolin

When, how did the ghetto take place?

All I know...

They moved you to Stolin.

they, they forced all the people from our village to go to the ghetto.

Who came?

I have no idea who came or what. All I know I was going along with my parents, that's all. I, I don't know who came or who said or anything.

What did you take with you?

What did I what?

What did you take when you had to leave Glinka?

You had, you could, they took--far, as far as I know they took everything you know. You're all to take your--what did we have?


We didn't have anything to take. A couple pair of pants maybe, two pair of pants. There's nothing there.

Did you take a wagon with things from the house?

With a wagon and a, the whole thing we put in a wagon and we go. It's not like uh, furniture we had or anything you know. It was nothing to move. It was no big deal to move. The hou...leaving the house I guess that was painful. But I don't remember any pain or anything. I just, say move, we moved. I, I cried when we had to leave the shacks in the woods more than I, leaving the house for some reason.

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