Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Dorfman - August 11 & 25, 1989

Wife's Hometown

This is your wife's hometown.

My wife's, yeah. I'll show you where she was. See this is the store what we possessed after the war. See yansne, that means meat. Scrap yansne store, you know. The guy what put this together didn't put, didn't put everythings you know, but this is okay. Here we had one store and here was the second store. Here is different something, but here you can see, if you look, you see the, the rails still of, hanging up, sausage and meat, you know, that's a, a big store.

It's still a meat market?

Yes. Yes. But it's--when we were there, there was clean, it was beautiful. Now it's like a mess. Take a look at the building and everythings looks, it's just terrible. Take a look the way it looks. It's unbelievable. Like, like it would be the war still going on. That's the way Poland looks.

Now who are these people?

See this is, this is inside the store. I made the picture through the window and I went inside, you know. There's still the scales. This is where my wife lived. You know that '63 I was there. Now this is where we were hidden. See those are the people that--this is the people that they live in my, my house, this, thi...this woman. This guy knew that I was coming here to this place. He lived about a mile away that I was hidden over here. And I met him and I saw him, just on the street I walked up because I walked into this house where we lived, the, the lady here I know, he came up to me right away told me, "I know who you are." 'Cause I remembered--see him sometimes two--three o'clock in the morning. Going into the barns for the cattle and hiding there until M...Meyer come to see you. Remember, we were hidden right in this...

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