Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Back in Chust

In your home?

Part of the home, part of the home. The rest of the home was all stripped by our uh, neighbors. Everything was gone. It was just a shell. Uh, prior to my coming home, my sister was liberated in Budapest in January of '45. She--her husband came back, had survived too.

She was in the camps also.

She was in--no, she was in, in a ghetto, in, in uh, a, a hospital, working in a hospital in Budapest, which was a Jewish--called a Jewish hospital, it was under the ghetto area.


And uh, from there--from Chust we went back to, to western part of Czechoslovakia because Russia is already taken, decided to uh, locate itself in Carpathian area.


And uh, we had a few friends there and they were informed through legal channel--leaked that in August there will be--they'll put a stop and nobody will be able to travel out. They'll hold us in there. So we made it out of there in time and we traveled back and we uh, we lived in Sudetenland--Sudeten in Teplice, a city called Teplice.


Uh, for, let's see, in '45, say August through--my niece was born there. She was three months old and we went through uh, borders--smuggled through borders to get out of--finally out of Czechoslovakia in '46.

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