Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Zionism at Home

Oh. Did your parents ever talk about um, Zionism...


...in the home?

Okay, uh, it was never uh, we were never denied or forbidden. Not to--because I belonged and I went to the Hebrew school and so did my brothers. Uh, so I would venture to say that they were all for it. No, they were, they were not against it. Well, they were considered um, the, the Zionist group were considered um, not as a religious, not as religious a movement as some of the others.

Oh, I see.

More, more liberal movement for, for young people. But it--myself, I belonged to it uh, sort of automatically whether--I don't remember how it came by being that, but uh, it was my whole school was involved in it.

I see, so it was mostly...

So my, the school that we belonged to was grades one through eight.


Okay, and all the whole system...

I understand.

...just belonged to it.

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