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Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

After Liberation [interruption in interview]

Do you remember what you were talking about?

Yeah, I was talking about uh, about where they--after liberation.

You were talking about the man--the reporter.

The reporter--he wanted to know of, of relatives. We were not--we were kept there for a few weeks. We were not discouraged to go home. I know the group of people that liberated us had quite a few Jewish soldiers in it.

How do you know that?

Because they spoke Yiddish.


Uh, one uh, as a matter of fact, said that if I stayed there they would just send me o...to Switzerland. Uh, that was a far--a, an awful far away for a girl my age to go home--because I insisted I've gotta go home. Maybe somebody's living. I would--we're talking about going cross a few countries.


Plus that they had to give us over to the Russians.

To get you back there.

To be able to travel back.

Mm-hm. What was--before you go on to that, I'm just curious--what was the treatment given you by the American soldiers? Were there ever any abuses?

No, no, no. Only one young soldier got drunk and he uh, was being a little forward--they thought, "Gotta take liberties with the girls." And he started yelling me at me saying that "German soldiers were ja, good and American soldier no good?"


Didn't understand much of English, but other than that, no, they were uh, very decent. There were as helpful as they could be.

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