Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Treatment in Camp

What happened to the sick?

Uh, there was in the barrack was uh, one room made up like uh, they called it the, uh...


The infirmary. And the sick would be brought in there, and they would lie there. They were not mistreated, they were not killed. They sometimes didn't become better. One girl died of tuberculosis.


Uh, a lot of us had uh, there were two girls especially who had very bad gum trouble and they sort of quarantined them off into that place. Um, nobody killed anybody in that specific place. It was a...

And was the treatment from the Kapos better?

We had no more Kapos.

And no Blockältesters.

One, yes we had that one, that one lady her, her name, the red-headed Lola and she was a uh, very--she was actually a great person. A morale builder. Uh, her yell was uh, a necessity because uh, I think a lot of us were just giving up. You needed somebody to just stir you a little bit. Uh, we had uh, over there they had the SS women and men and mainly women who were in charge.

Do you remember their names?

No. We all gave them a very uh, unbecoming--I mean unbecoming, really--names that we called. Each one of us, gave, gave them a name. They weren't their real names. Um, um, the, the head woman, uh, a Meyer-something. But that wasn't a full name. Uh, either Meyer star...in the beginning or at the ending. And I forget. I can't, I can't--she was a short woman, her hair was severely tied in the back, into a bun. Uh, a beast...

She was cruel.


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