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Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Transport to Nuremberg

Or Regina Schick, you mean.

No, it was Regina Cohen--right it would be Regina Schick. And I said--it dawned on me years later that there was a time when I had to say I'm older than I am in the order to survive. Not that they believed me. I had no birth certificate, I looked--but it was easier to let them think I'm sixteen than I'm fourteen, because nobody at fourteen survived. Not in that--not in the area I was in. And, okay, from that place they took us back to a, on a, to the train, same, same uh, cattle cars. I think uh, coal was hauled in it the day before. And we weren't told where we were going. And in our uh, cart uh, the two watch--I remember them--one was a Hungarian and one was uh, either a Yugoslav or a Bulgar or one of those mean--I hate to tell you what--just atrocious. And we were taken, we were told it's Nuremberg. Now, funny enough, I don't know how far Flossenberg is from Nuremberg. Our supplies--when we were in Nuremberg--our supplies were--came, because we got some clothing supplies--came package from, from Flossenberg. We were on the outskirts in Nuremberg.

Did you stay in the Nuremberg locale or did you stay in Flossenberg and walk to the Siemens...

No, we were, okay, we were on the outskirt of the city--like far out, removed from any civilization, okay. Uh, it's country. There were barracks there, plus a factory in that specific uh, locale. Say, I don't know how--what is a square, so many feet or square yards or square mile, okay, or a square block. Uh, it was fenced off. There was a uh, a guard by the gate. There was a small barrack building where the uh, the SS and the Gestapo and the watch--the people that watch over us...

Were they in uniform?

There were always in uniform. Had that specific barrack. Then there was a huge, huge immense big building, which was uh, like a gathering building. When we got there it was in the evening and that's where they--we got into that particular building, assembly building...

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