Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Camp Gossip

How do you know about these things? How did you know that gypsies were there.

Oh they would dance and sing. And...

Oh, you saw the gypsies.

We would see through barbed wire, you could see through, uh...

So you know they were gypsies.

...a lot of the--yes, we knew they were gypsies, because...

How did you know that a--one of the gas cambers was blown up?

We were--I was still there, okay.

How did you know that that's what was blown up?

Because there were some of the girls that went to work on--work outside, okay. And...

In the Brzezinka?

In, in that area. And another group was walking towards another area and one would yell out to the other one what would happen. And, you know, it's through the grapevine how, uh...


...gossip goes quickly. We knew there was an explosion. Then we were very happy, we thought, well, we can't burn anymore, but there was many ways of getting rid, rid of people. Then uh, when we come back from, from that specific deed that we had to go into bringing, hauling out dying and half-dead and dead bodies.

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