Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982

Escaping Selection II

Well uh, I remember having my piece of bread from the night before, this is my whole supply. And uh, uh, I was very calm. The only one that was very upset was the girl that slept right next to me because her older sister is left behind and she's taken. And, and things are not going right and I know we're a small group. And something that I heard the Blockältester say the night before "This Pollack, hit me." and I thought, "Hell, I'm not going to walk to that gate." And I was very calm. And I go--it was drizzly weather--and I go as far as halfway, and all of a sudden I realize that if from all of the barracks the whole camp, they had sorted out so many of the unwanted ones, children, disabled, older, sick looking or whatever. If you were mad, you know. And, and we're all being taken in a group. Line up in five and we're being marched towards the main gate. Well, as the gate--as we're going uh, the, the Blockältester comes out and she says, um, 'Dare to..." something said uh, in a way of um, "Take your chance and run for it." Where can you run?

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