Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Regina Cohen - April 18, 1982


I see, I see. Um, what position were you in the family?

I'm the fifth child.

Fifth child. How many brothers and sisters did you have?

Four brothers, five sisters.

Five sisters. Did your mother work at all?


With all those children, it's kind of hard.

No, no, no. My mother did not work. My mother had--prior to World War II she had help with the children.

Raising the children.

Yes. And, um...

Was that Jewish help, or was that...

No, it was uh, there was a lot of farm country through that area. It was a couple of farm gals. Um, I remember it a very pleasant, never missed friends because we had each other and we were a very close family.


And, um...

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