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Joseph Rotbaum Ribo - July 5, 2005


Joseph Rotbaum Ribo was born in Głowaczów, Poland. At the start of the war, the family was moved to the Mariampol ghetto and then later the Kozienice ghetto. Joseph and his father would often sneak out of the ghetto to obtain food. One day while outside of the ghetto, his family was put on a transport to Treblinka. Left behind, Joseph lived in Polish villages before deciding to enter the Pionki camp. From Pionki he was taken to Sachsenhausen. Joseph was liberated on a death march from Sachsenhausen and eventually settled in England before moving to Israel.

  1. Introduction
  2. Life Before the War
  3. Education
  4. Relationships with Gentiles
  5. Life at Home
  6. Summer Before the War
  7. Start of War
  8. German Occupation
  9. Kozienice Ghetto
  10. Food Rationing
  11. Leaving Ghetto to Find Food
  12. Life in the Ghetto
  13. Conditions in the Ghetto
  14. Being Scared in the Ghetto
  15. Missing the Transportation to Treblinka
  16. Hiding with Cousin
  17. Seeing Father for the Last Time
  18. Watching Transport Leave for Treblinka
  19. Getting Help from Poles
  20. Getting Help from Poles II
  21. Entering the Pionki Camp
  22. Life in Pionki
  23. Escaping Pionki
  24. Moving from Pionki to Sachsenhausen
  25. Fate of Cousin
  26. Visiting Poland After the War
  27. Death March
  28. Getting Released
  29. Traveling with Germans
  30. Traveling with the Russians
  31. Finding Family After the War
  32. Moving to England
  33. Moving to Israel
  34. Sharing Story
  35. Religious Life After the War
  36. Conclusion

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