Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Rotbaum Ribo - July 5, 2005


This is just a few months ago?

Yeah. This is eh, ??? where we were, and they had a local initiative eh, few years ago, so they eh, not ??? itself, but a town nearby--but this--but something--they gave a group of, of eh, pupils to make a research on the Jewish community in that town. And when they finished, they took them to Sachsenhausen. And in Sachsenhausen they came across the ??? camp, which they didn't remember any more that--what was there. And next school year, they decided to get another group of students through to search the ??? camp. And when they finished, they decided to put up a memorial stone, which you can see...


And for that occasion--for the unveiling of that stone--they invited two of us to participate from Israel. The head of the society eh, they've got a Sachsenhausen survivors' society in Israel and me, as the youngest captive that was there. And eh, was a very eh, was a very nice and eh, serene occasion. They even eh, they had a choir of eh, schoolchildren to sing us songs in Hebrew in front of us. So that was last, eh....

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