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Alexander Karp - June 22, 1983


Alexander Karp was born in Nyírmada, Hungary. The family then moved to Kisv&accute;rda. By 1944, Alexander and his family were living in Baktalórántháza. After the German occupation, they were forced into the Kisv&accute;rda ghetto. After two months in the ghetto, he was transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau and then to a camp in France to do forced labor. From there he was moved to Kochendorf and then Dachau. Alexander was liberated in Mittenwald while on a death march from Dachau. After liberation Alexander returned to Hungary before moving to Canada and then to the United States.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Life Before the War
  3. Start of War
  4. Life Under German Occupation
  5. Moving into the Ghetto
  6. Being Taken from the Ghetto
  7. Arriving in Birkenau
  8. Life in Birkenau
  9. Forced Labor in France
  10. Being Taken to Kochendorf
  11. Life in Kochendorf
  12. Life in Kochendorf II
  13. Stealing in Camp
  14. Transportation to Dachau
  15. Life in Dachau
  16. Death March from Dachau
  17. Liberation
  18. Preparing to Move to Israel
  19. Returning Home
  20. Life After the War
  21. Moving to Canada and the United States
  22. Sharing Experience
  23. Conclusion

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