Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alexander Karp - June 22, 1983

Sharing Experience

Let me go back to your um, meeting with your father. Did you talk about your war experiences with him?

Oh, certainly.

And how about when you came to Canada with your family, did you also talk with them about your war experiences?


Do you have a family?




How many?

Two, two sons.

Do they live here in the United States?


And how about with them--do you talk about war experiences with them?

In the earlier years I haven't spoken that much with them, but lately um, now in the later years, ever since it has been rewired a little more and their maturity may have come a little bit more to, to bear the death tolls would be realistically put into, into proper perspective, you know, yes, we do speak more so about it. And we have tried to get them involved with the whole movement, as far as the Holocaust. We took both of them to Israel to the first Holocaust uh, gathering. One of them was in Washington with us--the older one, this year. So we, we are trying to pass down as much as possible with the--with quite possibly with the minimum affect what, what it should leave on them. I would like them to know the realities what actually it did happen.

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