Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Reflection II

Otherwise I can, I still have to stay, I don't know how long. I read the letter and I show it to my son. I said, maybe I should, he was nice to us. So my son told me, he was nice, but when he would know that you are Jewish maybe he would kill you also.


Yeah. And that address, look. My mind was worse than the child. He is going to go home to his wife and to his children. Another year, another, he will go. But my daddy will never come back.

Yeah. Yeah.

When he said this, throw the letter, put in to throw out. I give you only the thing that you know what, what it's happened to me the story. It's different things, you know, what happen to me. But, you know, that's all, I am here. You want...

What was the name of the company?

Which company?

Both, the two German companies that you...

The first company was uh, was, I don't know what is the buildings are, I don't remember first he mentioned that some building company, I don't remember, I don't remember. Building company. First, building something. Building. I don't know. I'm writing, building company. Bridges and roads, you know, bridges and roads. Everything I learned myself. I never go to school here. See? But my speaking is terrible.

No, it's not.

It's going to... The other one is, is... was actually was Clauer. You see, Clauer, it was a big firm in pharmaceutical... laboratories. In Warsaw. And ??? I work in the ???. The owner, Clauer had a Jewish wife.


And that's why the company was taken by German manager. But he got back that.


The last one was ??? Oh I spell wrong, I've forgotten. No, can I scratch this?

Sure, sure.

Warsaw. Before war


The company's name was Spowen. Every Polack knows before the war this was Spowen. Spowen. Yeah. And the last was textile.

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