Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

1946 II

I wonder that they don't know about this. And lots of people were beaten up, you know, beaten up and, you know, but the one woman was killed. And following day, or the same day, not the...next day after the woman was killed, I said to myself, children uh, to my at home I said, I am going to the, I am taking a bus uh, it run by ??? and I am going there. I want to see. And I went there because it was my neighborhood.


And I see lots of people staying on the street. Lot, lot of people, not Jewish of course. Jew wouldn't show. I was the one, crazy one. And I go and I come to the first one, I say, what is going on, what do you think you don't know what is going on. The Jews killed our boy, you know. So I said to her then, how you can talk, this was good talking about this hundred years ago people were not educated but now you're talking such things. They started to, to holler. So I left. I went to the other part there and the same thing. So they hollered, yeah, she probably has a Jewish lover, they started to holler. Or she got lots of money from Jews. They didn't say that I am Jewish, you see ???. And they were starting, you know, like this. And I was terrified, you know. And at once I look, a tall man, not Jewish, you know, goes here, he said, come on, come home, it's late already and take me out. And I look at him, I go with him, I said, my God, how you can go and talk to them. Those people are the monsters, you know. This is the work of the Russian probably, the masses, they, you know, they told them something and they believe in it. They are not, they are playing people, their emotions, you know. They're, how you can do, they could kill you there. Good that I saw it and I took you from there. I thank him very much and I went from him, you know. And the day after, everything quiet down because in all paper and to the radio said that boy was found. He was at his uncle, he went to his uncle or someplace. That's what I wanted to tell you. See. Yeah, so that was....

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