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Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Family II

Do you remember what a Friday night was like?

Yes, Friday nights my, my mother always, we had a maid at home, all the time. And uh, all the time my mother was preparing for Friday, because she was helping my father in the butcher shop, was very busy. And, and Friday she always prepare and the maid was helping her everything until the evening. And the evening was nice, was beautiful. On Saturday the same thing. And that's--it was so beautiful. I, you know, I can remember the smell, the smell of the cooking food, the baking the challah, everything, you know. I never had this since then. Okay. Maybe you can stop for awhile.

[interruption in interview]

When you were still living at home with your family, before you were married...

Yeah, yeah.

...what section of Krakow did you live in? Were you in Podgorze or...

I live in uh, ???. ??? street, this was next, big house. My uh, there was a school next, public school. I, we went to this public school, we didn't have far to walk. And uh, that's what I lived, that's where I got married. And later when I got married, I moved to, to uh, down...not downtown, to, to a little bit suburb of Krakow, you know, the modern district already, yeah. And later I moved back where mine uh, where my husband came from, you know, Podgorze, Podgorze. They were known, my husband's family was known in Podgorze and there I used to live. And there was then ghetto later in Podgorze, but not in that part where I used to live, yeah.

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