Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Husband's Religion

My husband, when I married my husband uh, he was from a different part of uh, town, you know. And uh, he wasn't religious completely, you know, he was more assimilated, you know. He was Jewish, of course. And, but he was more assimilated. The same like they are Jews here, you know, the same thing. Like uh, there are Jews here America they talk only uh, English, yeah. But there they talk, they understand, every Jew understood a Jewish. I understood. I couldn't talk too good, but I still understood. And I still talk now. I break the language, but I talk. Now uh, but we are celebrating the holy days, my parents were religious. They were not too orthodox, but they were religious because my mother was a butcher, you know, had a butcher shop. And my mother came from a religious uh, family. So she, she kept on. That's always the uh, woman to, to keep up the house, religious or not. So I was, I had a very happy ne...uh, childhood--that's what I remember, very happy childhood.

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