Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Miendzyrzec Podlaski

This was in Miendzyrzec Podlaski. I never knew where was this. It was farther. It was different, it was not too far to Warsaw, but was probably two, three hours, you know, to go by train, or maybe more, even. This was in a big town, and this was a company, building company. You know, they make bridges, they built uh, roads, you know, they were... And they needed for this uh, both for the, and for the director need a secretary. So they told me okay, you can go there in two weeks. I said, yes. Why you wanted to move from Krakow such a beautiful city, this was a German. I said, because uh, I, because my husband has--can't find a good job and we even haven't got a home ourself, nothing, because we can't afford it, tell story, and we live with my brother-in-law. I give him, them, my maiden, my maid husband name. And we're living with our brother-in-law and I want, I can get a job, why I can make myself. He said, okay, we are happy you have to leave, but you have to come for money for the trip. I said, okay. I didn't go for the money, I sent in because I didn't want to risk anymore. In two weeks I left. I left my child and I left my husband. And, and uh, my cousin, my husband's cousin she was living there and she said I will take care of. And I said, okay, I'm going, but my husband promised me this was...this was 1940, what is this, September? I, I don't remember the month. But I, I have written, I should prepare this. Okay, I left, doesn't matter. I left and uh, my husband was crying very bitterly. And his brother-in-law also. They were crying so terrible. I said, listen, when you are crying so much, I don't want to go even. That's all, I will stay here, that's all. I'm not going because I want to go. I'm going because I want to make way for you. And my husband said to me, you know, I don't know why, but I feel like I see you for the last time. And this was true. And I left and uh, you see, again, I didn't left by myself. My husband was always taking care of me. The man what was have a name on our store he was to take me there, you know, in case, you know, something happened.

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