Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Natalie Zamczyk - January 30, 1984

Leaving Krakow

So, because I knew the German and Polish stenography I knew that they, in Poland not too many people, only in the part of Poland where belong to Germans they knew German. But otherwise they didn't have so much German speaking and German writing. Speaking it, but writing it, stenography. So I knew that I am going to get a job, you know. So I went, I uh, I uh, somebody told me, gave me the, I didn't know myself. Buy some papers, out of town paper, like from Warsaw, from Lublin, the bigger cities, but far from Krakow. Because in Krakow I couldn't be there because somebody would recog... I was in business, the people knew me...


...you know. So I bought the papers and we're looking. And one paper from Lublin I got, there was advert, ad, that they are looking for German, Polish stenographer and secretary. And uh, the office, they were similar offices in different cities and one in Krakow also, what would hire. I can go there and apply for the job. That's what I did. And I went with husband of my, he came with the paper and I took my, my armband. And he gave me my paper, I gave him my Jewish papers and he was waiting for me and I went to this office. I was terrified because somebody could be there. But was all right. God was helping me. And I went there and I spent a long time, and they, they were dictating to me and everything and they hired me.

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