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Larry Wayne - 2005

Surname Change

Is that where the name came from?

Well actually, you know what happened actually, there was Wayne... The name change came about at that time, uh, an instructor or somebody asked what your name and asked you to spell it. And I had trouble saying W-e-i-n-t-r-a-u-b. And I thought it was kind of silly, why not make it short and I went to Wayne University, so that's easy: W-a-y-n-e. And, and that's what happened actually. And on, on top of that I really had--didn't--at that time to be honest, I wanted to severe my connection with uh, Judaism and Jews, etc. I didn't want to have a Jewish name, I didn't want to be Jewish. I suffered for being Jewish and I kind of thought, why be Jewish? I'm not a religious person. Uh, but then it got, it got to me, I just couldn't uh, uh, get away from it.

Let me take you back.

But my name stayed already Wayne.

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